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Revée offers a wide range of postoperative compression garments to ensure the right level of compression, without sacrificing comfort or beauty. Trust our know-how.

Revée Scrub Caps

We are glad to present Revée Scrub Caps, our outstanding collection of handcrafted surgical hats. They are hand made applying the utmost attention to detail. Their high-quality fabrics are made of 100% cotton or cotton blend with amazing graphics and prints.

Revée® Ambiente
Simplicity and Elegance

Revée® Ambient is the result of our wide experience in the medical and para-pharmaceutical field. This collection of room diffusers was developed to create a refined and captivating environment in medical practices and anywhere you want.

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For us at Revée®, constant dialogue with doctors and patients is essential, because only in this way can we guarantee our customers an excellent and at the same time comfortable recovery following surgery.