Male gynecomastia on an adult or adolescent patient can occur due to various factors, generally due to the swelling of the male chest. Among the main causes of gynecomastia, we find hormonal imbalances, obesity, puberty or aging. Only rarely, gynecomastia is due to the side effects of drugs, alcohol and drug abuse , such as with cannabis or steroids. 

Fortunately, there is an intervention that allows the excess breast tissue to be surgically removed.

Surgeons strongly recommend applying compression garments after undergoing this type of surgery to help you in the postoperative recovery. By doing so, you will not only enhance the surgical results, but also provide your body with the support it needs to heal. Thanks to our post-gynecomastia compression garments, you will be able to obtain the best postoperative result, without compromising the benefits of the surgery. 
Our gynecomastia undershirts are extremely discreet and can be worn under everyday clothing. They also come with adjustable closures so they are easy to use and flexibly adapt to changes that occur during the healing process. Our range includes various specific models: Revée® Chest 
REV.031, which compresses the entire upper body and abdomen; Revée® Chest REV.030, which compresses only the chest; and, finally, Revée® Chest REV.032, which is the most firm of the three in terms of compression

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