The postoperative recovery is characterized by the essential compression function of compression garments, which have considerably changed over time. It is no coincidence that they are currently considered crucial in the postoperative period: there is absolute consensus among surgeons, clinics and hospitals when it comes to recommending that patients should wear compression garments after surgery.

In this way, patients will receive the specific support they need, bruising and swelling will be reduced, the risk of complications will be minimized, while healing times will improve. The main goal of post-surgical compression is to improve skin recovery and ensure that the external pressure on deep tissues remains constant, with the aim of reducing the likelihood of complications after surgery.

What is most important to patients is achieving the desired result. In this sense, compression garments are just the perfect solution to make sure this is the case. In fact, the constant external pressure keeps the skin smooth and evenly compressed. This way it is possible to avoid skin relaxation and the formation of unwanted folds, while the skin receives all the support it needs to heal in the most natural way possible.

Compression garments vary according to the surgery and are recommended to patients according to suitability and personal preferences. We at Revée® work closely with surgeons to always satisfy patients' needs. 

Our line of compression garments is specially developed to cover —depending on the case— both the entire body and specific parts to offer more targeted support. Alternatively, they also include inserts created specifically to be worn under your daily clothes, in order to contain the empty space and keep the treated area as flat as possible. 

We are aware that patients often have reduced mobility in the postoperative period. That is why many garments are equipped with side or front hooks to ensure that the patient —maybe with the help of a nurse in the hospital— can easily put them on throughout the hospitalization period.

Another element of utmost importance is that the compression garment offers patients maximum comfort while wearing it for the entire post-op period to avoid compromising the results of the surgery.

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