Revée® Pad

Revée® Pad

Ergonomically-shaped foam pad (called “Revée foam”) with soft seams and 100% cotton fabric cover. It pro-vides a smooth and soft surface in contact with the skin, for greater comfort and extra compression in the treated areas.

Revée Pads are worn under the garment to provide greater compres-sion in the treated area after reconstructive or cosmetic surgeries.Product available in three different formats with different intended uses (see section “Application fields”): REVÉE PAD 01, REVÉE PAD 02, REVÉE PAD 03.

The Revée foam provide a smooth and soft surface in contact with the skin, improve comfort after liposuction or after body contouring, help minimize the risk of hemato-mas, prevent the formation of bruises and skin folds, optimize lymphatic drainage by providing adequate compression, and help accelerate the healing process by avoiding water retention and reducing the accumula-tion of fluids in more complicated areas. Also indicated for patients suffering from lipoedema.

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